Teaching + Mentoring

I have had the opportunity to teach biology undergraduates in lab, lecture, and discussion settings, as well as in a research mentor role. I’ve developed my passion and skill for finding creative ways to connect with a diverse student body (including in a distance learning context!). I’ve incorporated museum collections, publicly available datasets, citizen science databases, local nature centers, expert guest speakers, and other under-utilized university and community resources to foster student engagement. I implement active, team-based approaches, maintain a level of flexibility, and apply inclusive pedagogical practices when working with students to meet ambitious learning objectives.

Currently, I am a Lecturer in Biological Sciences at Towson University, teaching General Zoology and Introduction to Ecology and Evolution. Prior to joining Towson University, I held an Adjunct Lecturer position with Macaulay Honors College at the City University of New York (CUNY). In this role, I taught Science Literacy at Brooklyn College as part of their Science Forward initiative. Previously, I served as a Biology Teaching Assistant at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst for both Animal Behavior and Ornithology. I designed and taught my own course as Instructor of Record (‘Exploring Sound in the Animal Kingdom’) through a fellowship with the CIRTL Network (Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning). I’ve guest-lectured in numerous UMass courses including Introductory Biology, Experimental Methods in Ecology, Writing in Biology, and Animal Behavior, as well as with the Rockaway Initiative for Sustainability and Equity‘s Environmentor program. I’ve served on panels for training new Teaching Assistants across university disciplines, and I won the Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Teaching Assistant Award in 2015. I’ve mentored over 30 undergraduate research assistants in field and lab techniques, including methods for data collection, data processing, and data analysis, and I’ve advised two undergraduate senior honors theses.

I am committed to continuing to develop my teaching and mentoring skills as I move forward in my career, and I hope to further integrate methods from the science education literature into my practice, particularly with respect to fostering an inclusive learning environment and empowering students to be scientifically conscious citizens and lifelong science advocates.

email: amyvstrauss@gmail.com / twitter: @avstrauss / pronouns: she, her

Currently based in San Francisco, CA.